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The Roots of Black Music Course

Hi everyone,

I have once again linked up with Robin Walker to bring you this fantastic presentation as a 5 week course. Robin will be discussing the history of music with a different spin (as he usually does). You can attend the classes either on a class-by-class basis or pay for the full course at a discounted rated. If you get the early bird tickets the course is even cheaper! The class will take place on Zoom so everyone can attend. You will be sent the link information nearer the class date. Here’s a taster of the sort of things Robin will be talking about (in no particular order):

  • Black Music from the Nile Valley

  • The Ancient African Courts

  • Plantation sounds

  • Gospel

  • Calypso

  • Highlife

  • Original Jazz

  • Modern Jazz

  • Rock & Roll

  • Soul

  • Funk

  • Ska

  • Disco

  • HipHop

  • Techno

  • House Music

  • Grime

Believe me you will be dancing in your seats whilst doing this course and the music is full of memories! So click on the link below to get tickets either for the full course - £100 until 22 May (then goes up to £150) – or the individual class-by-class sessions (see below for what each class will cover) at only £27 per class. Bring your parents, grandparents, children, friends, dogs, cats (😊) along to hear sounds they may not have heard for a long time or some they may never have heard of before (we can always learn something new!). Get an understanding as to how Grime came about, or why it’s so popular today; yet years ago some of us were listening to Tamla Motown, Mary J Blige, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Miles Davis etc. Come and hear their music on this course. Each class is 2hrs 30mins long so fasten your seat belt!  Class-by-Class we will cover: 1. Black Women and the Evolution of Music 2. Roots of Black Music from Ancient Africa to Jazz 3. Roots of Black Music from Rock & Roll to Grime 4. Origin and Evolution of Modern Jazz (Part I) 5. Origin and Evolution of Modern Jazz (Part II) See you there! Click on the link below to go to the website. If you wish to avoid paying fees you can pay directly by BACS. Contact me for bank details.


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