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Website updated last!

Hi everyone,

Finally, I've been able to get in a professional to update my website. Ros has been amazing. It all started last week.

I took a client out on a private walk and she was telling me about her new website and how happy she was with it. She showed it to me on her phone and I was very impressed. She gave me the details and I contacted Ros, the website designer. What was important to me was that Ros was a Wix website designer because that's what I'd used in the beginning to make up my website. I wasn't about to try to learn to use another package when it had taken me long enough to use the Wix website.

When I first started my business I had no clue about websites and how to do them. I had used Wordpress but had struggled with it and it made me feel that maybe websites weren't for me. I had a very simple Wordpress website but I knew that once I set up the business I would need a fancy, shpancy website and I knew I wouldn't be able to do it myself. In the end I used Wix which seemed a lot easier but even so it was still difficult to understand all the terms of a website and most of the things I had no clue what they meant. What on earth was an SEO?

I began setting up the site and struggled the entire time. There were times when the website was a right mess but because I didn't have a clue what I was doing I didn't realise, especially when it came to the mobile version which I was useless at! It took me almost a year to set up the website and get to grips with all the things that needed to be done. How the hell does anyone do this for a job?!!

Anyway, for the past 5 years I've been using the same website, with me doing all the "updates" and, funnily enough, I got used to doing them and I even became a dab hand at Wix but I can't say I'm brilliant, but I have a basic understanding.

So Ros doing an update in just a day or so was amazing! I'm still trying to get to grips with some of the stuff she's done and I'm still telling her what I like and don't like and she's busy taking orders from me!! (lol). So if you see anything you like/don't like let me know.

Stack of Black London Books in a bookshop
Stack of Black London Books in a bookshop


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