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Spring is on its way - whoo hoo! :)

At last spring looks like it's finally on its way. I love it when the flowers come up and look so pretty in the parks. I restart my walks in April when some of the beautiful flowers such as daffodils and tulips will still be around, but quickly making way for other beautiful plants to come through.

Recently I've been very busy. I went to see the Mandela Exhibition down at the Leake Street Gallery in Waterloo. I loved the exhibition as it contained items that actually belonged to Mandela. Things you don't get to see often.

I'm doing a black women's walk around Tottenham on 31 March which I'm looking forward to. The research that has to take place before a tour can be put together is fascinating, however distracting. You start off with a plan but then you start clicking on things all over the place due to curiosity! Research can be fun but it can also make you digress and take forever to put together the idea that you started off with.

I also went to the BBC last week to listen to the Mandela lectures which featured 4 people on stage giving a take on one of Mandela's "sayings". It was interesting to hear how others can interpret the same thing in different ways. John Barnes and Imran Khan had a bit of a barney which was funny. They're on totally different sides of the fence about racism in the UK. Yet, they're not really. Both acknowledge it exists and that's the main thing.

I went to the unveiling of a blue plaque dedicated to Dr Harold Moody, one of the first black doctors in this country. He started up the League of Coloured Peoples in 1931. The plaque was put onto the YMCA in Great Russell Street just off Tottenham Court Road. That YMCA was the first one in the world. So two firsts in the same building!


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