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Halloween and all that...

Yesterday I had a lovely day. I got up late and then went to meet my friend Nadine Marsh-Edwards for lunch at BAFTA. It was a special birthday lunch (I paid) and we had a good time, good food and a good laugh. We caught up on all the gossip of the day and she and I giggled a lot!

Afterwards, I traipsed through a small market in Piccadilly (right next to the BAFTA offices), saw a clock I wanted to buy but decided that it would be best to ask my husband first before I just barged in a brought it. He never came back to me!! :) So I never bought it!

I met up with my husband, Des, and we went to Kings Cross to see the Halloween "parade". If that's a parade then I don't think they know what a parade is! Firstly, when I arrived (earlier than Des), dancers were still rehearsing and things were still being put in place. By the time it got dark not much had happened. I was going to get my face painted, and I would have been first in the queue, but I was unsure when I asked them how to get the stuff off and they said (for a laugh I'm sure), "use white spirit!" That kind of put me off even though I knew it was a joke. Couldn't see myself walking around London with that shit on my face! Eventually some "skeletons" on sticks came out and we all pretended to be scared. About an hour later some dancers came out and did a short dance then nothing for another hour, then the same dancers came out and did a little bit more dancing, but this time they had some drummers with them. By that time we were bored so after the drummers and dancers finished we left. I was expecting there to be lots of stalls selling hot food, music, dancing etc but it was just a little dull.

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Avril Nanton
Avril Nanton
07 nov 2019

The pictures I've just added are to go with the Halloween story. For some reason they wouldn't upload before!!

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