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This is one book you cannot bypass! This book has been written by historian Robin Walker with a foreward by the eminent, late, great Runoko Rashidi.


About the book


How did Africans live before the Slave Trade? Where can you find information that addresses this issue?


Five centuries ago, a great super-state flourished in West Africa. Known as the Songhai Empire, it was one of the largest imperial systems in the sixteenth century AD world. It was nearly the same size as all of the European states combined and had 50 million people – more than that of Black America today. There were 400 cities, and the Niger Delta region alone boasted 300 mosques. Thus, a level of urbanism existed hardly seen anywhere else before the nineteenth century.


•           Where was this Empire?

•           When did it thrive?

•           Who were its great statesmen?

•           How did the ordinary people live?

•           What levels of science and industry did it achieve?

•           Why did it fall?


This subject should be of great interest and concern to pupils and school teachers. Teachers need to know this information since the National Curriculum Key Stage 3 History document requires the teaching of ‘the cultures, beliefs and achievements of some of the societies prior to European colonisation, such as the West African Kingdoms.’


Everyday Life in an Early West African Empire combines good scholarship with an accessible style that brings the old Empire alive. It is comprehensive in scope and is beautifully illustrated using museum quality photographs and rare archival images. No other work has ever done as much justice to this period of World History.


P&P included in price


Everyday life in an early West African Empire by Robin Walker

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