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The Bank of England was originally founded to supply money to King William III (aka William of Orange) to fight in wars. But the bank was heavily involved in slavery from day one. When it was set up in 1694 it underpinned the whole system of commercial credit, and its wealthy City members - from the Governor down - were often men whose fortunes had been made wholly or partly in the enslavement and kidnapping era. 

Meanwhile in Ethiopia, coffee was being invented and proceeded to conquer the world. See one of the first coffee houses in the City and find out its story. See a statue you've never seen before that represents the enslavement era but which most people don't know about (or have passed but never noticed!). Hear stories of ships, sailors, priests, and plantations to name but a few.

Come for a walk with Avril Nanton, your professionally qualified guide, to see some of the sights and hear stories about people you've never heard of before. This tour includes information on:

  • John Newton - slaver and abolitionist
  • Plantations - what really happened?
  • Coffee and its beginnings
  • The church that conducts Christian services in Swahili
  • Statues and Monuments in the City

City of London Walk

  • Date: Contact Avril's Walks and Talks via our contact form if you wish to do this walk

    Meeting Point: Bank Station, Exit 3, Outside the Royal Exchange

    Meeting Time: Choose your time

    Finishing Point: Monument Station

    Please ensure you arrive on time as we do not wait for latecomers. No refunds for latecomers or no shows

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