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When it comes to books, you can't beat these two!


Everyday Life in an Early West African Empire by Robin Walker, Siaf Millar and Saran Keita

Five centuries ago, a great super-state flourished in West Africa. Known as the Songhai Empire, it was one of the largest imperial systems in the sixteenth century. It was nearly the same size of as all the European states combined and had 50 million people – more than that of Black America today. There were 400 cities, and the Niger Delta region alone boasted 300 Mosques. Thus, a level of urbanism existed hardly seen anywhere else before the nineteenth century.

This book for the first time combines a scholarly approach with an accessible style that brings the old Empire alive. It is comprehensive in scope and is beautifully illustrated using museum quality photographs and rare archival images. No other work of which we are aware has done as much justice to this period of World History. 


Black London: History, Art & Culture in over 120 Places by Avril Nanton and Jody Burton

Discover the people, places, and landmarks that have rewritten history! Black London is a complete guide that shines a new and much-needed light on the rich Black history of London’s inhabitants and beyond.


From Cleopatra’s Needle on the Victoria Embankment, the Nelson Mandela Statue in Parliament Square, and the Stuart Hall Library in Westminster to the Memorial Gates in Constitution Hill, the Wayne Marques corbel on the London Bridge, the Black Lives Matter mural in Woolwich, and so much more. This must-have travel guide showcases over 120 historical sites worth visiting and revisiting.


Author Avril Nanton is a qualified London tour guide and Black history historian. Jody Burton is a librarian and bibliophile with a particular interest in Black history and art.


Get these two books together to learn about early African history as well as Black British history


Usual prices are:


  • Everyday Life in an Early West African Empire by Robin Walker, Siaf Millar and Saran Keita £22
  • Black London: History, Art & Culture by Avril Nanton and Jody Burton £12.00
  • Save £4 on the price of buying them separately
  • Improve your Black history knowledge!

Buy 2 books for £30

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