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Join me, Avril Nanton, on a walk around London, taking in the sights and sounds of one of the world's most glorious cities. The walks take in all aspects of London's cultural wonders and include regular stops for photography and information.


Contact me if you want a personal tour guide around London, or if you and a group of friends want to celebrate a special occasion in a totally different way. I can put a package together for you including lunch stops and sightseeing. 

Come along to one of my talks and hear about the cultural history of London in a way you've never heard it before!



I think London is one of the greatest cities in the world and if you don't believe me, then just take a look at some of the pictures on this site that show London in all its glory.

If you would like me to take you around London to show you the sights then contact me and I will arrange a fantastic day out for you. I can accommodate you, your friends, family, colleagues etc - in fact anyone you want to bring with you!

If you are a business looking for a different event for your workforce, contact me and I will show you London from a totally different angle.

If you are a group of people who want something different to do, then contact me and I will show you a good time!! I can incorporate pubs, restaurants, cafes etc into the walk if you wish to make pitstops along the way.

Check out the rest of the pages to get a flavour of what to expect.

One of the greatest things to do is to walk around London! It's not a fast paced walk, but not too slow either, it's just right. Come on a walk with me to get a feel of how great London is, see secret places that you have never seen before, notice buildings as you've never seen them before and generally learn something new about this great city.

Your guide will take you through the history of some of the most fascinating buildings, places, streets, parks and businesses in London.

If you would like to do a walk either privately or as a group of friends, colleagues, contact me.



My main interest in walking around London is seeing how many articles, items, statues, plaques, buildings, and anything else that relates to the Black history of London, I can find.


African-Caribbean people have been in the United Kingdom since the beginning of time but came en-masse in the 1940's, and were here during the first world war too, helping out the "mother country" in its fight against Germany. The same in world war two.


But long before that there were Black people making an impact here in many different ways - Samuel Coleridge Taylor, Olaudah Equiano, John Blanc, Mary Prince, and many others.

London has a long historical connection with Africa and the Caribbean. 


But understand this - I love London! I undertake tours all over London for anyone who's interested.


So if you've lived in London all your life and still haven't been to Westminster Abbey, then come along on one of my tours to see London in all its glory!

If you're a tourist just coming to London and want to see the sights, then I'm happy to take you around and tell you all about the wondrous sights you will see. I can tailor a special tour just for you and your friends or family. 


Contact me if you want a day out looking around and learning about London. 

Come and listen to a talk

I really enjoy giving presentations. I have been giving them for many years and have a list to choose from.


I hire a venue and put on a presentation - simples! 


Presentations take place all over London - I'm a North Londoner who travels [sans passport!] to other parts of London (must admit though it does feel strange to leave my precious North London!).  If you have a venue going spare, contact me and if I can afford it, I'll hire it!


If you want me to put on a presentation contact me via the contact sheet or email

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