Come and learn about:

  • How instruments created in early Africa are the prototypes of what we have today
  • Who really started Rock & Roll
  • How Black Music conquered the world
  • What HipHop and House DJs actually do


There are four classes

1. Black Women and the Evolution of Music

2. Roots of Black Music from Ancient Africa to Jazz

3. Roots of Black Music from Rock & Roll to Grime

4. Origin and Evolution of Modern Jazz

Classbyclass Black People in the History of Music

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  • Start date: 4th February 2021 to 4th March 2021

    Time: 7pm-9pm (please note we do start on time)

    Via: Zoom 


    Please arrive at least 15 mins early in order to sort out any issues with sound and vision

    If you are late please ensure that you put your sound and vision on mute so as not to disturb the rest of the class.