Street art and murals can be found in many places across London. The artistic expressions can be challenging, thought provoking, funny or beautiful. Some will remain for a long time, others defaced or painted over.


Through this virtual tour we cover central Brixton, Brixton Hill and some areas just a little further away from the nearest bus stops!  By the end you will want to get into Brixton and see them up close. Maybe stay a while enjoy the atmosphere of this vibrant part of South London!


See murals and artwork you've never noticed before. You've probably walked right past them and not realised. Each one has a story to tell. 

Duration 90mins

Brixton Street Art - a celebration of a community

  • DATE: 31 January 2021

    TIME: 11am 

    VENUE: via Zoom

    Please arrive at least 15 MINUTES early in order to check that sound and vision is working for everyone correctly. Zoom codes will be sent out nearer the time of the event.