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This wonderful map of London lays out the Black history of London in a simple and easy way. If you don't know London and want to, you should purchase this map. If you don't know London's Black history and want to, you should purchase this map. Using it, you can spend your days wandering around the great City of London finding out about things you never knew and probably never noticed before! 


Stories of triumph, commemorations of bravery, and acknowledgments of pain at the cost of progress are woven into the foundations of London and marked by plaques, monuments, murals, and statues that recognise influential people and events in Black history. 


From abolitionists to the Windrush generation and today's youth, this map highlights and introduces these landmarks of our shared history.


Map comes folded with a "Black History London Map" band which when removed opens up to an A2 size map (2 A3 sheets side-by-side) which has photos and wording about 50 different Black statues, monuments, plaques etc around London. 



Published by Blue Crow Media 2022

Printed in the UK on Carbon neutral paper

Printed on recycled FSC-certified paper

Photography by Jake Green

Text by Jody Burton and Avril Nanton

Designed by Supergroup Studios

Black London History Map

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