Based in London, Avril's Walks and Talks carries out walks and talks all over London.  

Avril's Walks and Talks was set up specifically to take in all aspects of London's cultural wonders, showcasing  the various statues, monuments, buildings and the quiet little back streets that make up London. The walks and talks focus especially on the African Caribbean history of London and highlights the black history of individual boroughs and central London.

Avril's Walks and talks is a professional guiding service as well as providing presentations that show the cultural history of London. Avril's Walks and Talks can be hired by individuals as well as groups.  Each walk is thoroughly researched and put together to provide you and your guests with pertinent information about each stop. Talks are well researched and presentations are held in suitable and convenient venues.

People who live in London walk past many buildings, statues and areas that they are not aware of. They don't know the history of some of these buildings and statues.  

Avril's Walks and Talks will take you on personal guided tours around London that will show and tell you about these areas, buildings, statues etc. Areas such as Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Cleopatra's Needle etc all have a strong connection to African Caribbean history - but that's just the central London sights. Imagine how much history there is in the other boroughs around London!

Avril's Walks and Talks will take you through the black history of the boroughs outside of central London. Areas such as Tottenham and Islington have their own prominent black histories and someone needs to tell them!

If you are a group of friends who want to do something different or special, contact Avril's Walks and Talks for a special event.  We cater for birthdays, anniversaries, friends from abroad who want to see London etc. 

The guide walks at a pace that most people can keep up with so no worries about taking pictures. The guide will always give you time to enjoy the walk and take as many pictures as you want. Most walks last 2 hours, but can be longer if requested and would include a break.

Avril's Walks and Talks have one of the few Black Female Professional Guides in London. She is fully qualified and is a member of various well known institutions such as the British Library and the London Metropolitan Archives.